Innovative Small Systems, Inc. Web site and software development

We specialize in sites requiring dynamic content.

We have accumulated a toolkit over the years that makes adding custom features to a site easy without the need to resort a full fledged 'system'.

We'll work WITH you to transform your business image and message into an effective web site that is attractive, accurate, easy to use, and accessible to the widest possible audience...

... from concept through development to hosting and maintenance

About Us

Some Background

Experience makes a difference

Innovative Small Systems, Inc. has been developing web sites since 1995. We've continued to evolve along with the rapidly changing Internet environment and we're always learning.

Although, each project is unique, our strategy with each one is consistent. We approach site design from both engineering and design perspectives, whether this is a new site or a rework of an existing site. A strong technological foundation lets us choose the best tool set to deal with the situation at hand.

Our FAQ provides more insight into our approach.


Gary Wuertz

Gary Wuertz

Born and raised on the high plains of Colorado, Gary left the family farm to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he earned his BSc and MS in Physics. The leap from academia to the business world launched a busy and varied career as a computer programmer / software developer.

Gary's educational and technical background is an invaluable asset to his work in developing web sites that manage dynamic content and also in running ISSI's web server.

He relishes the constant challenge of making things work in this unique and crazy environment.

Barbara Wuertz

Barbara Wuertz

Born in South America and raised on Montreal island, Barbara cheerfully escaped the suburbs to attend McGill University where she earned her BA, with the focus on Psychology and Sociology.

To her surprise, every job she's had has thrust her into computer-related work. Barbara never dreamed she would spend so much time typing and staring at a screen. However, with her first look at the Internet in 1994, she was smitten on the spot and decided she needed to be a part of this phenomenon.

She enjoys each web project, new and long-term, and especially the clients who come with them.