Innovative Small Systems, Inc. Web site and software development

An effective web site doesn't just happen.

It takes careful thought and planning to determine the goals and aspirations you have for your site, whether it's a new site or a redesign.

We'll work WITH you to transform your business image and message into an effective web site that is attractive, accurate, easy to use, and accessible to the widest possible audience...

... from concept through development to hosting and maintenance

Our FAQ provides more insight into our approach.


What we do

Web Site Development:

The popular conception is that a web site is something that can be constructed by anyone with some design sense and the proper authoring tools. In fact, many web sites are built in just this fashion.

A little deeper look into this idea reveals major deficiences.

  • Maintenance: Maintaining any electronic document is often more challenging than creating the document in the first place. Authoring tools provide little assistance in this regard. Maintainable document creation requires experience, methodology, and discipline.

  • Evolution: Change is unavoidable. As the web evolves, so do the components used in the delivery and presentation of your document. Whether or not you choose to keep up with the very latest styles, your site will need to evolve along with the underlying infrastructure.

  • Performance: Much of the web infrastructure lies beyond what you see while looking at a web page on your screen. For example, web sites depend on search engines to direct visitors to them. However, search engines and other "bots" operate depending on the details of how your site is constructed and can be easily prevented from indexing your content by ill-conceived interactive "features".

  • Details: The details of domain name registration, hosting, and site promotion are necessary parts of any web site. Inattention to these details can dilute the effects of the best-built web site.

We address these issues for each of our clients.

Our Web Site Development Process

We consider your material on an individual basis to achieve the results you want. In many cases, your printed materials (with their existing graphics, logos and other images) may be used as a guide to producing a suitable web site. We can also work with your existing graphic designer to develop a look for your site. We don't use templates or prepackaged designs, but we won't try to recreate the wheel, either.

We'll work to achieve any effects you want within the limitations of the medium.

During the development process, we will post your web pages in a private location on the Internet for your review. We'll make the changes you request until you're satisfied with what you see.

After all, it's your web site, not ours!

The development process includes

  • Site layout, with navigation tools and appropriate links
  • Scanning prepared text; scanning photos, logos or original artwork, if necessary
  • Importing data from tables, spreadsheets or databases, if necessary
  • Testing pages for viewing on different browsers
  • Validating pages with an HTML code editor (similar to a spell check) to ensure correct code
  • Editing images to achieve the balance between the fastest possible loading and good image quality
  • Submitting sites to the major search engines


  • After initial setup, you may wish to update your pages occasionally to incorporate changes in your information or simply to achieve a fresh look.
  • Work is billed on an "as needed" basis. There are no minimum charges.

What does this cost?

All Web Site requirements are unique!

Based on what you anticipate for your site (special features, size), we will write a formal estimate/proposal that includes your requirements and the amount of time we estimate it will take to complete your project. The time estimate multiplied by our hourly rate equals the estimated cost.

If your needs include interactive content or you do not currently have a hosting arrangement, we would suggest hosting your site on our dedicated server. This improves the efficiency of our development process and provides better control over our finished product.

If your aspirations change during the development process, the proposal will be amended to reflect these changes.

Service Rates

$80.00 per hour - for all services which include:
  • Scanning text or graphics
  • Page construction & site navigation
  • Database setup
  • Content management features
  • Flash, animated graphics, banners
  • Programming & scripting;
  • E-commerce
  • Mailing lists & newsletters
  • Site updates / maintenance
  • Domain Name registration
  • Site promotion

Hosting Rates

$20.00 per month - hosting on our dedicated server which includes:
  • Web site statistics reports
  • Web-based email